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Implementation Of High Speed Pipelined ADC Architecture For I-UWB Receiver

In this work, a 4-bit pipelined ADC that provides the high speed conversion needed in UWB applications with sampling frequency of the order 60 Gbps is proposed. The pipelined ADC designed uses a high speed 1-bit comparator, wide band operational amplifier, sampling circuit and a high speed buffer. The individual blocks are designed using 130nm CMOS low power library cells. The individual blocks are designed to operate at a frequency greater than 60 Gbps sampling rate. In order to operate increase the operating frequency of the pipelined ADC, Specific new design techniques/algorithms such as power-efficient, capacitor ratio-independent conversion scheme, a pipeline stage-scaling algorithm, a nested CMOS gain-boosting technique, an amplifier and comparator sharing technique, and the use of minimum channel- length, thin oxide transistors with clock bootstrapping and in-line switch techniques are adopted.