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Wavelet-Based Optimal Sliding Mode Controller for Structural Control

This paper presents a new approach to minimize the structure response against the earthquake by using the wavelet-based optimal sliding mode control. The proposed approach uses the information derived from the wavelet analysis of the system response in real time to obtain the local energy distribution over frequency bands. Then the weighting matrices of the states and control effort are updated online by using a scalar multiplier or a factor according to the energy in the different bands. The optimal LQR control problem is solved for each time interval with updated weighting matrices and therefore, the time varying gain matrices are resulted through the Ricatti equation. The gain matrices are used in the optimal sliding mode control law. The proposed controller is applied to single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) system and the results are compared with the cases of LQR and wavelet-based LQR. Simulation results indicate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Keywords - Optimal LQR algorithm, Optimal sliding mode control, Wavelet analysis, Structural control.