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Power Quality Improvement and Solar Energy Control with Artificial Neural Networks

Now a days the power quality is playing a major role in each and every aspect and as the utilization of the power is increasing tremendously, the generation also increasing which leads to the scarcity of the fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil). As the fossil fuels are mostly used for the generation of power, the rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increased drastically. To decrease this, researches are carried out on the renewable sources of energy for its effective usage. The point of this paper is that a shunt active filter gets supply from the Photovoltaic cells, such that it supplies different loads. In addition with the photovoltaic cells, artificial neural networks are also introduced into the network for voltage control and harmonics identification. The entire process was carried out on MATLAB/SIMULINK to obtain the desired results. Keywords - Renewable Energy Sources, Power Quality, Harmonics, Shunt Active Filter, Artificial Neural Networks.