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4 Bit Vedic Multiplication using Threshold Logic Memristive CMOS Technology

The fourth circuit element is memristors, that are mostly used in brain-like circuits and also in computing systems. Brain-like circuits has an advantage of fault tolerance and generalization ability of logic gates. The major problem that arises in the progress of implementing brainlike circuits in VLSI is the scalability of networks and limitation of solving large Boolean functions. In this paper, a 4 bit Vedic multiplier using memristor threshold logic circuit was designed. The proposed memristive cmos circuit is a combination of memristive circuits and cmos circuit, which provide the lower chip area, lower total harmonic distortion, and controllable leakage power. For the designing and simulation of the proposed system Ltspice IV tool was used. Keywords - Area-efficient, Low power, CSLA, Binary to excess one converter, Multiplexer.