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Context Aware Student Modeling in Ubiquitous Environment

Adaptivity plays an important role in Ubiquitous learning, aiming at providing students with adaptive and personalized learning content at the right place and the right time. Student Modeling updates student's information in order to provide adaptivity and personalization. The student model includes all information regarding student, like domain knowledge, progress, interests, goal, tasks, social background, personal trait, location etc. Context awareness plays an important role in Ubiquitous learning system by collecting sensor data intelligently, analyzing them and providing personalized study content to students. This paper discusses how to use context-awareness technology to design Student Model in Education. Secondly, we choose an appropriate algorithm to analyze the multi-sensor data which sense and identify student physical context automatically, evaluates student learning status and performance. Based on outcome of student model, ubiquitous learning system determines appropriate personalized learning style to the student. Keywords - Ubiquitous learning, context awareness, Student Modeling