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Design of an Aperture Coupled Sierpinski Gasket Fractal Array for Mimo Wlan Application

A compact fractal ultra-wide band (UWB) sierpinski fractal array for WLAN application is presented here in this paper. The overall area of the antenna is 115x37mm2. The antenna has a defected ground structure with a cross shaped slot. Three slots are added to the slots to get the desired UWB operation from the antenna. The designed antenna array covers a bandwidth of 1.006GHz (5.4859GHz-6.4902GHz) with both the antennas. The antenna array has very low ECC (ECC<0.002), high diversity gain (DG>9.99dB) and low mutual coupling (S21<20dB) between two antennas of the array. This research paper presents the design & analysis of the individual antenna performances in terms of simulated impedance bandwidth, broadband gain, radiation pattern. The performance of the antenna as an array is also discussed in terms of diversity gain and correlation coefficient. Keywords: MIMO, Sierpinski gasket fractal, diversity gain.