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Group Key Establishment for Secure Multicast Communication for The Internet of Things using Secret Sharing

The Internet of Things or ‘IoT’ described as a highly interconnected network of heterogeneous devices where all kinds of communications with any type of devices seem to be possible, group communication found to be more efficient in utilizing resources than pairwise communication. However, the imbalance capability of the IoT resource- constrained devices and the heavy cryptographic function of the existing traditional group key establishment protocols promote researchers to develop alternative solutions thatrely on lightweight security primitives to provide end to end security and to protect the information flow in IoT environment. In this paper, we propose a key establishment protocol to secure multicasting in group communication using Slepian-Wolf secret sharing scheme which is an optimized secret sharing technique uses Xor operation instead of polynomials which significantly reduces the storage, communication, and computational costs however, the security analysis and performance evaluation proves that our protocol resist related group key establishment attacks with a lightweight impact on network and device resources. Keywords - IoT Secret Sharing, Multicast Security, Key Establishment, IoT Key Management