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Remedial Steps for Domestic Water Supply Problem in and Around Bangalore using Recycling and Conservation

The paper deals with the problem of water supply in Bangalore where the population has grown exponentially since the past few decades. Accordingly there is acute shortage of water. The problem is all the more difficult as there is no perennial source of water near Bangalore and the dependable source, that is river Kaveri which is 90 km away and is about 540meters below the level of Bangalore. Before Independence, the demand of water was met by a stream, Arkavathi which is 25km away and also there was a number of lakes which supplemented water supply & helped in ground water recharging unfortunately many of those lakes haven been encroached and the natural outlets of rain water have been blocked by real estate development. To address this problem measures are suggested such as conservation of water, rain water harvesting, to rejuvenate the lakes by proper storm water drainages and to recycle water and to use the grey water thus obtained for gardening, car washing, and ground water recharging. Thus there will be considerable sourcing in power requirement for pumping Kaveri water which is about Rs 400 crores per year and also pumping from existing half a million bore wells will have assured supply that too at comparatively low depths thus further saving in power. Keywords - Water crisis, Recycling, Energy saving and Water conservation, Reuse-Recycling, Unaccounted for water (UFW), Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).