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3-Dof DC Gear-Motor Position Control for Human Interactive Robot

The paper focus on DC-gear motor position control system for the proposed human interactive robot application. It is based on PID (proportional, integral and derivative) control tuning algorithms and PWM output for the DC motor driving system. The research design includes 3-DOF (degree of freedom) robotic arm and mobile vehicle to drive and remove the unwanted things which is hazardous. In this paper, the results were performed for three joint position response curves with the load of robotic arm design using PID tuning algorithms. The gain tuning PID parameters are determined by experiment at the laboratory in the Department of Electronic Engineering. By using these parameters, the controller output response curves for each joint are very compatible to reach the desired position for robotic arm because the response is accomplish the designed criteria of the control system. Keywords - Bomb-disposal robot, DC-Gear motor, PID control, Arduino Controller, PWM control