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NBTI Recovery Impact on PMOSFETS

Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) had become one of the most significant device reliability subject reported in this day and age. Not only does NBTI impose a big impact on circuit functionalities as well as product lifetimes, but also becoming the prominent limiting factor for further CMOS technology scaling. Hence accurate characterization and thorough understanding of NBTI is essential to follow or go beyond the Moore’s Law. Nonetheless the existence of NBTI recovery becomes a huge obstruction to this effort; whereby fast reduction in the degradation of the device parameter occurs after end of electrical stress. Moreover device characterization within the measurement stage further increases the NBTI recovery corresponding to the increase in delay. For these reasons in this paper we investigate the recovery of NBTI at different delay or relaxation periods, various pro-longed stress periods, a wide range of temperature dependency as well as the different cycle or stages of NBTI recovery. Keywords - Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI); Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET); NBTI Recovery, Reliability.