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Paper Title :
Anti-Lock and Automatic Braking Systems

Author :Rupesh Kumar Sinha, C. Ashmita, Shruti Uikey, Rahul Makoto Singh

Article Citation :Rupesh Kumar Sinha ,C. Ashmita ,Shruti Uikey ,Rahul Makoto Singh , (2017 ) " Anti-Lock and Automatic Braking Systems " , International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC) , pp. 68-71, Volume-5,Issue-3

Abstract : This paper presents an Anti-lock and Automatic Braking system using ultrasonic sensors. Sensors placed at the front end of the vehicle measures the distance between the obstacle and the vehicle and regulate the anti-lock mechanism. Arduino Uno microcontroller board is used for the implementation of the model. The sensors measure the speed of the vehicle and detect the obstacle ahead, thereby, initiating automatic braking. If the speed of the vehicle is above a set velocity for a predefined safety distance, then the microcontroller based system performs the actuating mechanism to bring back the vehicle to a safe speed thereby minimizing the chances of accidents. Index terms - Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor, Hall Effect sensor, Automatic braking, Antilock braking.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-5,Issue-3


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| Published on 2017-05-31
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