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A Novel Brain Tumor Detection With Modified Fuzzy Clustering Technique

In this paper presents a new approach for Brain tumor detection with Fuzzy C-means algorithm. The proposed segmentation processes includes new morphological mechanism for clustering the high resolution elements of images in order to reduce the computation time, and improves the precision. The existing K-means clustering algorithms consumes time and providing low accuracy, to overcome these problems in this paper we proposed an optimized Fuzzy C-means algorithm. This algorithm is able to optimize the K-means clustering for image segmentation. This paper evaluates the proposed approach for image segmentation by comparing the state-of-art of the methods. The proposed simulation results are to clarify the effectiveness of our approach to improve the quality of segmentation. Keywords- Image segmentation, FCM, Color Spaces.

Author - K. Ayisha Siddiqua, R.Raja Kishore, M. Narsing Yadav

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| Published on 2017-01-09
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