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Multidimensional Information Transmission For Cross Layer Mobile Hand Off In Ipv6 Networks

Being digitized the communication system channels are having a severe workload in the current scenario. A number of increases in digital devices require more address variable. The internet and 4G services available in the global world are able to provide good service to both stationary and moving devices. Huge number of devices can be introduced in a specific region of the network. Devices can be operated in any layer of the network. Most of challenges are coming in cross layer hand-off as delay and protocols available different network are different. For the above kind of handoff problems, this paper proposes a technology, which is including a variety of header formats and a suitable protocol for cross layer handoff in IPv6 header format. The work is done on a layer wise hand off and dual communication with two base stations for a certain time, while hand-off occurs. Multiple header format supports reliable, un-interrupted and delay avoidance in the communication system. The security and authentication are enhanced with two control units.