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Hiding Encrypted Text using Text and Image Steganography: A Dual Steganographic Technique

Today, in this new era of internet, Information Security is becoming a biggest challenge for the world due to the rapid growth of internet users day by day. Unauthorized access to secret data can have serious repercussions like financial loss etc. One of the best techniques for secure communication is Steganography-or covert writing. It is an art of hiding the very existence of communicated message itself. In this paper we present a state of art dual steganographic technique. Dual Steganography combines two security mechanisms, steganography and cryptography both together. This mechanism has advantages of providing high security, low time complexity but this mechanism does not enhance capacity, robustness, and image quality. This paper proposes a new dual steganography technique with an additional level of security. The proposed algorithm embeds secret text message in cover image in three phases. The three phases include vigenere cipher technique, white space text steganography technique and LSB image steganography technique. Cover text containing encrypted data is hidden in an RGB image in RGBBGRRG order. Performance of proposed steganography technique has been evaluated by calculating values of MSE(Mean square error), PSNR(Peak signal to noise ratio). Keywords - Steganography, Cryptography, Dual steganography, LSB, PSNR, MSE.