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Modelling and Simulation of three Phase BLDC Motor for Electric Braking using Matlab/Simulink

Brushless motors are mostly used in pump and fan applications. They have the capability of developing high torque with good speed response. The Brushless DC motors possess their high efficiency, high torque, low maintenance, less noise and low volume. Due to their usage, many advances are taking place in the field of automobiles in general and electric vehicles in particular. To have an effective control over the electric vehicles it is desirable to have control over starting, running and braking of a BLDC drive. In this paper, the three-phase brushless DC motor model is designed for running and braking mode operation under trapezoidal back electromotive force using a PI controller. Also, parameters like Back EMF, current, speed and torque are evaluated for the designed models of BLDC motor. Keywords - Brushless DC motor, Trapezoidal back EMF, PI controller, Regenerative braking, Energy regeneration.