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Magnetosonic Wave Evolution in the Laser Plasma Interaction

This paper presents a theoretical model for localization and filamentation of magnetosonic wave that may be responsible for magnetic turbulence during the laser plasma interaction. The ion acoustic wave is assumed to be excited due to the ponderomotive force exerted by magnetosonic wave. Hence the nonlinear coupling between magnetosonic wave and ion acoustic wave takes place in the overdense plasma. The transient response of this coupling has been presented by varying perturbation wave number. Numerical simulation has been performed with the dimensionless coupled equations of magnetosonic wave and ion acoustic wave. The results show the magnification of magnetic field and quite complex localized structures that grow with time. Considerable randomness in the spatial structure of the magnetic field profile gives sufficient indication of turbulence. Keywords - Plasma, Magnetosonic wave, Ion acoustic wave and Nonlinear interaction.