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A New Technique Against Counterfeit Parts using Physical Unclonable Function

In connected world of IoT, security is a major concern. Telematics Gateway (TGW) in a vehicle is an open pathway for adversaries to gain access and control the vehicles. Automobile Industries primarily focus more to find out the loop holes in TGW and fix the bugs that may provide inadvertent access. However, counterfeit electronic devices in automobiles may pose even serious challenge. Lower price may lure users to the use lower quality components in vehicles, which in turn may be very dangerous as such component may affect critical engine control unit (ECU) in the vehicle. Use of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) is a novel idea in order to uniquely identify each device such that no critical components can be compromised. Such a unique identification, generated using PUF, can then be stored in a hardware security module (HSM) that is part of vehicle ECU. HSM provides cryptographic functions such as encryption, decryption, key generation, hashing etc. This paper proposes a new technique against counterfeit parts using the hardware security module and ring oscillators PUF present in individual device. Keywords - Advanced security, Counterfeit parts, Hardware security module, Physical Unclonable functions, Xilinx Zynq Board.