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Design and Development of Monitoring Tool with New Radio access Technology

This paper presents the development of monitoring critical data in different network entities of wireless communication systems with new radio access technology. The capabilities of new radio wireless access must extend far beyond previous generations of mobile communication include very high data rates, very low latency, ultra-high reliability and energy efficiency. Key technology components include extension to higher frequency bands, access/backhaul integration, device-to-device communication, flexible duplex, flexible spectrum usage, multi-antenna transmission. To improve the spectrum localization, a subcarrier filtering is used on the top of OFDM basis, such as filter bank multicarrier (FBMC)/ offset QAM (OQAM). This paper, thus discuss the design and implementation using these modulation techniques in 5G new radio standards. The design tool enables users to obtain data remotely and its associated history is stored in server & the logs generated due to interrupts are identified using characteristics as configuration management, performance management and backup and restoration techniques. Keywords - Online monitoring tool access, Radio base station implementation, new radio unit, OQAM/FBMC.