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The DAC Resolution Enhancement for DC Applications by using Multiple PWMS on Atmega328

To gain higher analog output levels from digital systems, a high resolution DAC is required, which is usually a cost tradeoff. This research demonstrates an affordable way to increase the DAC resolution with a low cost microcontroller. It works by merging 3 PWM signals which are generated by an ATMEGA328 microcontroller in order to be used as an input into an RC digital to analog voltage converter. The merging is completed by using digital circuit, which produces a new carrier frequency by reducing the original PWM carrier frequency by a half. The new carrier frequency is merged with 2 PWM signals by logical operation. The theories and experiment results reveal that converting the united PWM signal to analog voltages is possible. The conversion outcome is the improvement in analog voltage output resolution when compared to the conversion from a single PWM. Keywords: ATMEGA328, Microcontroller, Digital to Analog Converter, DAC, PWM, Resolution