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Tracking Power Supply For A Sonar Power Amplifier

A Sonar Power Amplifier (SPA) is used to excite underwater electroacoustic transducer whose impedance is frequency dependent. The Source Level (SL) underwater varies with the frequency if the output voltage of SPA is regulated at a constant voltage. To overcome the undesirable SL variation with the frequency, a variable output ac-dc converter which feeds SPA is proposed in this paper. The output of the ac-dc converter is controlled in such a way that it follows the Transmitting Voltage Response (TVR) of the transducer. By knowing the TVR prior and controlling the output of SPA in accordance with TVR, provides a constant source level over the frequency range of interest. A prototype of 500Watts converter has been developed and salient results are presented in this paper. Keywords - sonar, transducer, Sonar Power Amplifier, Transmitting Voltage Response, Phase Shift Modulation.