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Design an Novel Adaptive Built in Self Test [A.B.I.S.T] for Sram Memories

Built-in self-test (BIST) is a design for testability technique in which a portion of a circuit on a chip, board, or system is used to test the digital logic circuit itself. Testing of RAM modules is performed in both modules after manufacturing and periodically in the field. During manufacturing, testing various kinds of tests are applied in order to ensure that the RAM operates normally In order to test memories with the word width in a transparent way. Adaptive Builtin Self Test schemes use the address latch to make the test of circuit in two ways by Columns and rows schemes utilized for each RAM under test. The proposed schemes utilize an test in order to generate the test patterns and compress the responses of the memory module; the word width of the memory can be smaller. As the row and column decoder match the memory array cell address and it will catch the particular memory location using CAM(content address memory) technique. It gives very fast operation than other because of CAM logic. The total addresses are contented in a cluster of memory is called CAM. The total proposal is designed in tanner tools 13.0.