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Methodology for The Development of Virtual Reality Applications for Blind People

Virtual Reality applications for blind people in Smartphones need to include a set of interfaces which allow the users to use their other sensorial abilities to understand the information about the environment. Some strategies were designed to allow a blind person get accurate and clear information to complete exploration tasks and taking a walk inside a virtual environment generated from a real environment. Nineteen blind and five visual impaired people took part in the development and testing of the applications during eighteen months, split into five workshops. The developed applications took logs about the path walked by the avatar, the objects and structures, the distance to objects and the time, during the last workshop. This information is stored in a database to be analyzed. The applications were built with voice patterns, beeps, vibrations and gestures, and using three different ways of gathering information, called "Focuses of attention", which were fitted to the preferences of the majority of participants. Keywords: Mobile applications, Interfaces for blind people, Augmented reality