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Measurement of Stress by Calculating Heartbeat Rate using Video Magnification Method

Many diseases in human body, depends on heart beat rate. Conventional techniques require wired and static subjects to measure heartbeat rate. To avoid such limitations, by magnifying video data BVP of a person is calculated. In the Magnification, face skin place a vital role to calculate BVP by assessing beat by beat comparison. Finally smoothing of raw output from video magnification is done by Savitzky – Golay filter. This will also improve the accuracy of measurement. Human nervous system highly depends on heart beat rate. Because heart beat rate of stressed person is different from normal person. So after the measurement of BVP, the stress level of a person is detected in three frequency regions VLF, LF and HF. By detecting the stress level of heart beat rate the performance of human body is evaluated. Index terms - BVP- Blood Volume Pulse, VLF- Very Low Frequency, Facial Video, Heartbeat Rate, LF – Low Frequency, HF- High Frequency.