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Neer: Automated Water Drainage and Anti Flooding System

The objective is to implement the setup in a flood prone area. The Arduino driven Automated System will be installed in the low laying areas where the water gets clogged. The IR Sensor (HC-SR04) will detect the depth of the water. If the water exceeds the Safe height, the system will trigger the pump connected to it and drive the water to another way. The depth of water will be constantly displayed on the LCD so that it is kept under constant vigilance by the supervisors. Also the triggering alarm would be indicated by a siren and the flickering LED light. The Arduino UNO and its sub parts are programmed in C++ using Arduino IDE. The various libraries required for the system functioning is called to the program and the methods are implemented as per the requirements. The automated system can be fixed anywhere, where the water monitoring is required, irrespective of the kind of fluid involved. The program once fed in the system makes it run without software support which makes it compatible. The objective of the system is to avoid water overflow in order to prevent the appliances from getting effected. Keywords - Arduino, Microcontroller, embedded systems, sketch.