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Determination of Path Loss of GSM Signal in KAZAURE Town

This paper studied path loss propagation for GSM 900MHz for four different network at four different base station in kazaure town. The received signal strength were measured at different distance from base station for four different network namely AIRTEL, MTN, ETISALAT AND GLO using spectrum analyzer (SPECTRAN HF4040) and wheel meter. The data obtained were used to compare the performance of the various existing path loss prediction models such as Okumura-Hata, Cost 231 and ECC-33. It has been showns that Cost 231 performed better in AIRTEL, MTN, ETISALAT AND GLO network. The propagation path loss exponent were determined which ranges from 2.43 to 3.52. The paper then recommend the use of COS231 in the studied area. Keywords- Pathloss propagation, GSM network, wheel meter, spectrum analyzer.