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Controlling Algorithm For A Remote Head Module Carrier In Nuclear Environment

Abstract— Nuclear reactors are even less likely to be designed for robotic maintenance than industrial nuclear facilities, thus leading to the frequent requirement for innovative approaches to gaining access to trouble spots. This, along with limitations on size imposed by reactor designs and the resulting long lead times necessary for purpose-built robots has limited the use of robot [5]. However, increasingly stringent limits on worker exposure to ionizing radiation and exposure reductions possible with robotic maintenance may increase robot use in the future. The Remote Head Module Carrier (RHMC) is a robot assigned the task to navigate to the hot cells and replace the pump module and cartridge. The paper deals with providing the control algorithm to perform all the operations with the help of a remote operator. The operator, on selecting the operation generates a code word which signals a particular task. This codeword is transmitted using wi-fi to the main controller which divides the task among the various controllers using I2C protocol. After the completion of a task, feedback is sent back to the operator.