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Serial Communication Encryption in Embedded System

With the increase in technology, the embedded systems are being employed in the daily as well as in the industrial level control systems. With the help of these not only the system becomes more cost effective but also the parameters of the system can be monitored for achieving an optimized and peak performance. One of the means to generate an embedded system apart from computer controlled directives is by using microcontrollers. These microcontrollers can be independently used or can be controlled by other microcontrollers. The data acquired by a single microcontroller unit that is measured by a transducer and is transmitted to the other microcontroller for further instructional cycles. So these communications are carried by the microcontrollers and these data are transmitted in a serial fashion after it is read from a buffer in which the data is held in a parallel order in the buffer. This data sent in a serial fashion and this type of communication is aggregately coined as serial communication. In this research paper, few approaches are simulated to encrypt the data sent in serial communication mode in an embedded system to retain the confidentiality of the transmitted data (as if one manages to sample the data with the help of a logic analyzer or any other means, the security of the system can be compromised) and a cascaded communication approach to solve the problem of pin count deficiency and independent parallel monitoring in an open loop control system to achieve a better level of observability and controllability in a digital control system. Keywords— Embedded System, Control System, Serial Communication.