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Imperceptible Image Watermarking Technique Using 3-Level Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)

The rapidly use of digital data in the present era over the internet requires the effective watermarking techniques. Watermarking is a technique which provides security to digital data i.e. image, audio, and video. In general, the host image is embedded with watermark image where watermark image is in binary or gray scale. In this paper, 3-level Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) based digital image watermarking is proposed. In this technique, a multi-bit watermark is inserted into the low-frequency component of a cover image by using variable visibility factor. In this paper, 3-level DWT-based image watermarking is compared with the 2-level DWT- based image watermarking methods after applying attacks on both the levels. The simulated results indicate that the watermarks generated with the proposed method are invisible and robust. Normalized cross-correlation and peak signal to noise ratio are the different fidelity parameters used for evaluating performance, Parameters are compared for various noises like Gaussian noise, Salt and Pepper noise etc. Index Terms— Image watermarking, 3-level DWT, wavelet Transform, PSNR, NCC.