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LI-FI : A Potential Game Changer in The History of Data Transfer

Use of internet has increased tremendously among users to accomplish different tasks through wired or wireless network. With an increase in number of users, in wireless network, speed decreases proportionally. To focus on faster data transmission on the basis of wireless technology, light waves can be a game changer. Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is one such technology based on this concept. Through illumination data can be sent through an LED light bulb in a way that human eye cannot keep track nor can follow due to super fast variation in the intensity. The idea pops out from the technology of simple infrared remote controls but far more powerful. This has a potential to sufficiently allow more desired users providing higher than 150 Mbps speed achievable through Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) technology. The pioneering aim is to produce 10 Gbps through D-LIGHT by having a phenomenal amount of bandwidth as well as higher security over Wi-Fi which is already achieved under test conditions in the laboratory. This is a giant leap to have a smarter planet where communication would evolve to provide internet access from street lamps to driverless vehicles that would interact and exchange data through headlights. Li-Fi is a perfect solution for a high density data coverage in wireless medium. Keywords: Light Emitting Diode(LED), Light-Fidelity(Li-Fi), Medium Access Control(MAC), Physical Layer (PHY), Visible Light Communication (VLC), Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)