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Design of Wavelength Conveter Utilizing Various Types of Commercial SOAS Based on FWM Technique and Operating at Speed of 40gbit/S

The aim of this work is to realize wavelength conversion process based on four-wave mixing technique utilizing commercial traveling wave/wide-band traveling wave/reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers. Based on FWM specifications as compared with the other techniques, FWM technique is considered the preferable choice in the trial of enhancing the wave length converter performance. A comparison between traveling wave semiconductor optical amplifier (TW-SOA), wide band traveling wave semiconductor optical amplifier (WB-TW-SOA) and reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) are presented. In the proposed scheme, we perform optimization for the parameters of four stages wavelength conversion, so that to enhance the bit-error-rate in case of using three different commercial SOAs. Based on the simulation results, bit-error-rate performance less than 10-12 at 40 Gbit/s is achieved for conversion up to 35 nm as a conversion range for three different commercial SOAs, covering the most conventional optical band (C-band). Keywords- Four wave-mixing (FWM), Traveling wave semiconductor optical amplifier (TW-SOA), Wide band traveling wave semiconductor optical amplifier (WB-TW-SOA), Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA).