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Energy Efficient System Using MIMO-OFDM

Energy efficient wireless system is now days is a keen area of Interest for the researchers and scientist in the field of digital communication which is highly depends upon the coding system, bit-error-rate, coding system, power of transmission, signal quality etc. In this paper we demonstrate a method by using Alamouti Codes for OFDM system with Linear MMSE detection techniques. The orthogonal principle introduced in OFDM helps to avoid Inter Symbol Interference while Alamouti provides signal security with reducing errors especially at high Sound to Noise ratio regime. We have introduced White Gaussian Noise to check the effect on our designed system ,also channels assumed to be with lowcorrelation coefficient among the channels. In this paper we have used 2×2 MIMO architecture with low correlation coefficient to study the effect of high SNR on energy efficiency i.e. consumption level of energy per bit at high SNR. Index Terms— Alamouti Codes, BER, CSI, Energy Efficiency, MIMO, OFDM.