Paper Title
Flying Hover Car

These paper focuses on developing an estimation method of flying hover car. The flying hover car is car which can be use as conjunct function for both travelling on road as well as flying in air. Such a type of model having no wing like airplanes or no propeller at the top like in helicopter. This car is a combination of 3 things i.e. flying saucer, flying platform and the car. By using flying saucer design it easy to overcome the weight for taking lift and a flying platform having no wing or propeller at top and concept of car is use to travelling on road. In this car there are ducted fan which is use to lift the car. A circular platform non spinning body offer advantages over a conventional wing aircraft. Controlling moment required to move forward, sideward & reverse in direction is achieved by control vanes. It can have single or double seater capacity. Keywords- Ducted Rotor, Engine, Shifting Mechanism, Control Mechanism, Aerodynamic Design.