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Loop -Type Parasitic Radiator For Back Radiation Suppression In Mobile Handset

Abstract— Cellular personal communications system has marked a phenomenal and intensive development and its cons has been observed lately and time and over sidelined. Thus the protection towards a person's head and safeguarding from the radiations of non-ionizing electromagnetic signals produced by cellular phones while in use is fetching one of the most concerned task to neutralize to an infinitesimally small amount. Since Planar Inverted F Antenna (PIFA) is a very favoured design in mobile applications, it is of prime importance to analyze the matching properties of such an antenna in real application scenarios (close to the head, grasped by the hand). Any matching deviation leads to the reduction of radiated power which should be accounted for in the system design. Different specifications of the proposed antenna are measured through simulations in free space as well as in the presence of the human head model. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is also computed for this antenna and the interaction of the antenna with the human body is also investigated. All simulations are performed using the CST Microwave Studio. The results of elaborated antenna design which have minimized radiation towards the user’s head are presented in this paper