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Implementation Of Encryption Algorithm For Communication By Microcontrollers

Abstract- This paper presents novel architecture for the Advanced Encryption algorithm to use it on low end microcontrollers with less number of bits. Now a day’s communication with high data rate transmission and less power consuming system is required which will deliver less error. Though the data rate is enhanced we try to keep things less complicated with respect to its manufacturing and packaging. Thus rather than going for more bits microcontroller we try to implement it with low bit size microcontrollers, which is also a cost effective. As we have heard that from ancient times it was the trend to use coded language for highly secured data as well as for fast communication on the same basis The algorithm used here encrypts frame information using an encrypted key. The key undergoes 4 stages of encryption. Then the frame information is passed through 15 stages of encryption using the encrypted key to create a cipher text. So that system will deliver less error and guaranteed communication is possible.