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Energy Eficient Routing And Fault -Tolerant Clustering Using Eepw-Mac Protocol

Abstract: This paper presents Energy Efficient PW-MAC (Predictive-Wakeup MAC), a new energy-efficient MAC protocol based on asynchronous duty cycling. In PW-MAC, nodes each wake up to receive at randomized, asynchronous times. PW- MAC minimizes sensor node energy consumption by enabling senders to predict receiver wakeup times; to enable accurate predictions; PW-MAC introduces an on-demand prediction error correction mechanism that effectively addresses timing challenges such as unpredictable hardware and operating system delays and clock drift. PW-MAC also introduces an efficient prediction based retransmission mechanism to achieve high energy efficiency even when wireless collisions occur and packets must be retransmitted. In this paper we are using PW-MAC in energy aware routing and fault tolerant clustering. We evaluate PW-MAC on a network simulator 2 (NS2) and compared it with MAC protocols, under multiple concurrent multihop traffic flows and under hidden-terminal scenarios and scenarios in which nodes have wakeup schedule conflicts. In all experiments, PW-MAC significantly outperformed these other MAC protocols (X-MAC, WiseMAC, and RI-MAC) For example, evaluated on scenarios with 50 nodes in the network, the average sender duty cycle , energy, throughput, packet delivery ratio and delay is less as compared with other MAC protocol In all experiments, PW-MAC consume less energy. At last we introduce geographical routing technique which compare against PW-MAC protocol.