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Development of vibration measurement and Tilt control

This paper presents the development of a vibration sensing and tilt control device using a commercial Microelectro mechancial system (MEMS) accelerometer for condition development of a Vibration Measuring Unit using a Microelectromechanical System Accelerometer for Machine Condition Monitoring. The objective of this study was to design, fabricate and test the vibration sensing and tilt controlling device for the purpose of vibration sensing, measurement and monitoring and tilt control. The commercial Tri-axis MEMS accelerometer from Analog Devices was selected as a detection sensor. This is a tri-axis, low noise and low power MEMS accelerometer with signal conditioning on a single monolithic integrated circuit (IC). An interface circuit, an rms-to-dc circuit and an graphical user interface were built and studied. Experimental tests were carried out to characterize the device with a tilt control mechanism along with vibration measurements. AVR microcontroller is used for provision of tilt control mechanism to our device. The results that were obtained theoretically are in close agreement with the experimental results. The screendisplayed the desired output corresponding to the applied acceleration. Preliminary tests proved that the developed measurement unit is capable of sensing, measuring and condition monitoring. Recommendations for further research are also offered.