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Performance Analysis Of Energy-Aware Sensor Node Design In Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract- Wireless sensor nodes are highly energy constrained devices. Energy consumption remains as a major barrier for full operation and utilization of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). The life time of the WSN depend on energy consumption. Consequently, optimal use of node energy is a major challenge in wireless sensor networks. This paper presents a Network configuration scheme to reduce the energy consumption at node level. Clustering of sensor nodes is an effective method to use the node energy optimally and prolong the lifetime of energy constrained wireless sensor network. The Rotating Cluster Head concept based on the Adaptive Cluster Head Rotation (ACHR) algorithm has been proposed to achieve the balanced energy consumption among the nodes within the cluster thus prolonging the lifetime of network. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme prolongs network lifetime and also increases the packet delivery ratio by 6% due to clustering efficiency and selection/rotation of cluster head