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Enhancing Energy Efficiency Of Communication Subsystems For Smart Metering

Abstract— Save energy: For nature, for future. To conserve the energy smart metering with exploitation of communication technologies has revolutionized the efficient utilization and management of energy consumption. World over, tremendous research is going on energy efficient communication technologies and protocols. ZigBee is widely accepted protocol for low power and low data rate smart home area networks. In this paper, therefore for smart metering application, instead of devising a new protocol, we have critically examined the application interfacing methods of energy conservation like fixed and adaptive duty cycling and data reduction to make communication more efficient among smart devices. These methods have been evaluated on the basis of key objectives of smart metering that are real time information or minimum latency in data to user and interoperability among devices and manufacturers. A modification in ZigBee smart energy profile has been suggested to accommodate data modeling and prediction method which is discovered as most appropriate energy conservation method for smart metering application during analysis.