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Very Compact Reversible Wilkinson Power Divider For L Band, S Band And UWB Applications

In this paper we have suggested a very compact reversible equal power divider by using rectangular rings. The rectangular rings of different impedances on microstrip line are proposed in this design. In the proposed design 3 dB powers splitting from one input port to two output ports is achieved. We obtain good impedance matching at all the three ports and also excellent isolation between two output ports are achieved over L band (1-2 GHz), S band (2-4 GHz) and UWB( 3.1-10.6 GHz) range. The simulated return loss is -61.56 dB at 9.2 GHz design frequency. The average insertion loss and group delay are around 3 dB and 0.13ns respectively. The proposed design is very compact that is size reduction of 95% as compared to conventional design is achieved. The design is reversible and simple. Etching a slot on the section of power divider enhances bandwidth and reduced return loss up to -61.56 dB at 9.2 GHz. The proposed design was simulated using CST- Microwave Studio. With adjusted parameters the proposed antenna exhibits a broad impedance bandwidth and good isolation between output ports. Keywords- Wilkinson Power divider, Ultra Wide Band, L-band, S-band, Compact, Impedance Matching, Port