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Analysis Of 3-Level Inverter Based Medium/High Voltage Drive System At On Load Condition

The classical VSI fed induction motor generates sub quality output voltage and current due to the presence of harmonics and this leads to significant amount of energy losses. Inverters with increased number of steps produce high quality output waveforms. So, multilevel inverters (MLIs) are used to reduce this harmonics and hence the performance of the induction motor drive can be improved. This paper presents the simulation of a three phase three level inverter fed induction motor at no load and on load conditions. The control technique for the three level inverter is based on sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM). The performance of the drive system is analyzed using MATLAB/ simulink software and the results obtained are presented. Keywords— Induction motor, Multilevel inverter, total harmonic distortion, SPWM technique.