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Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (HMSIW) For X-Band Applications

In this work, a propagation performance analysis for the substrate integrated waveguide structures (SIW) is exposed. The effectiveness of these types of guides is determined by a numerical simulation for a SIW guide operating in X- band, where high power part can be transmitted. The advantage of this technology is that it combined the advantages of traditional waveguides and micro strip lines. In this work the presentation of S parameters resulting from the analysis of a SIW wave guided signed to operate in X-band which is spread out between [ 8-12] GHz, this analysis will be carried out by the simulation of a SIW waveguide under CST with a validation of the results by Momentum Agilent . An application of the technique HMSIW X-band will be presented while comparing the results obtained by that obtained by a simple SIW.