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Design And Implementation Of Gas Measurement System For Vehicles Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality into hermetically sealed space causes a bad influence on human body. Especially vehicles indoor air quality makes human to danger by high CO2 concentration with breath and various harmful gases with backflow fumes. A gas measurement system is able to improve the indoor air quality by measurement of the harmful gases and control of an air quality system(AQS). But existing gas measurement device is not suitable for portable gas measurement system for the vehicles indoor air quality because of big size and high power consumptions. In this paper, we design and implement the gas measurement system based on a portable NDIR type gas sensor module consumed low power for measurement of the vehicles indoor air quality. Also, smartphone application(app.) is applied to the system for showing information of the vehicles indoor air quality. To verify the performance of the implemented system, experiments are performed through standard gases. Index terms- Vehicle indoor air quality, NDIR type gas sensor, Portable gas sensor module, Pattern recognition algorithm