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MEMS Based Unwired Mouse Navigation System For Future Machines

we constructed an interface system that would allow a similarly paralyzed user to interact with a computer with almost full functional capability. That is, the system operates as a mouse initially, but the user has the ability to t oggle in and out of a keyboard mode allowing the entry of text. This is achieved by using the control from a single eye, tracking the position of the pupil for direction, and using blinking as an input. As detection of eye motion proved too challenging, we built an accelerometer based tilt detector to determine head motion, so that, although not as applicable in this particular case, it might be use by a quadriplegic individual Introduction The system uses accelerometers to detect the user's head tilt in order to direct mouse movement on the monitor. The clicking of the mouse is activated by the user's eye blinking through a sensor. The keyboard function is implemented by allowing the user to scroll through letters with head tilt and with eye blinking as the selection mechanism. The System also uses voice recognition CMOS LSI system HM2007 for typing the data