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Hardware Implementation Of Microcontroller Based Three Phase Inverter

In industrial application and medical devices, it can be seen that there is a need of controlling the devices or machines with observation of the output process and input control from a computer. Presently, machines control is located on the devices casing as it may require control and observation from the operator from time to time. By utilizing the features of microcontroller, operation and monitoring the process control can be done far away from the operating equipment.This paper presents the comparative study of hardware implementation a three-phase inverter and MATLAB simulation of three-phase inverter, which produces a symmetric AC output voltage of desired magnitude and frequency. Although the inverter has traditionally been designed as analog circuitry, now the digital inverters are preferred. Microcontroller used for generating the control signal for the three-phase inverter. The importance of the proper design of control signals with powerful switching is to reduce the harmonics and power losses of the inverter output voltage. The potential of the microcontroller to carry out the mathematical and logical functions allows it to imitate logic and electronics circuit. Keywords-Three-phase inverter, SPWM, PIC microchip, MATLAB simulation.