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Hybrid Combination Of Battery & Supercapacitor As Energy Storage For EV”

On increasing demand of electric vehicle, efficiency and performance plays a very vital role and it depends upon the energy storage system of EV. In this thesis , a new battery super capacitor hybrid energy storage system is proposed to meet the requirement . For automotive applications, the batteries are sized to ensure many constraints like start up, acceleration, braking and energy recovery. All these constraints give us a very heavy battery with very high energy compared to that required for these applications. To reduce the weight of the storage system, the battery can be associated with high power component like supercapacitor. It is one of the crucial task to improve both efficiency and performance of the electric vehicle regarding electric power density and energy capacity. Supercapacitor integrates system by means of static power converter. These systems can be completely electric or by using Fuel cell.The MATLAB simulation is performed to evaluate its performance and investigate the mitigation of battery stresses. Simulation model of hybrid energy source is presented and used to investigate the design optimization of electric vehicle on board of energy source in terms of energy efficiency and storage mass. Introduction of super capacitor reduces electric stresses, increases efficiency and enhances the overall performance. Keywords:- Super Capacitor, Battery, Fuel Cell, MATLAB Software