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Realization Of Asynchronous Power Flow Controller

The demand of electricity is increasing day by day because of rapid urban and rural industrialisation. In this scenario, to meet the consumers demand, power generation capacity has to be increased. Therefore, all power resources have to be pooled. However, pooling of different resources is very complicated as power generation may be at different frequencies. The power sources such as Thermal, Nuclear, Hydro, Solar, Wind power generation may be at different frequencies in India and abroad and connecting these power sources to the national or international grid will be extremely difficult as electrical power is transferred at same frequency through AC transmission line. To accomplish this, Asynchronous Power Flow Controller will facilitate smooth transfer of power from different power generation sources at various power frequencies. The proposed Asynchronous Power Flow Controller (APFC) system essentially consists of two back-to-back Voltage Source Converters as “Shunt Converter” and “Series Converter”. Both Series and Shunt Converters are coupled via a common dc link which is provided by a dc storage capacitor. The study has culminated into successful simulation of transfer of power from two different sources at different frequencies. This has opened vistas for further optimising the combination of different power resources to the grid and thus enhancing the availability of power. The future researchers may work in this direction. Index Terms—Shunt Converter, Series Converter, Phasors, Direct-drive, National grids