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Optimal Placement Of Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) To Maximize Power Transfer Capability

Flexible Alternating current transmission system i.e FACTS device have come in account for the major use for the controllability in the power system. With the increase in the load of the transmission line the power system may face voltage drop in the busses which may also results in the overloading of some transmission line in the system. FACTS device open ups a new opportunity for the controllability to maximizing power system capability of the system for this Unified Power Flow Controller is considered as a powerful FACTS device which helps in controlling both active and reactive power flow in the system. This paper mainly deals with the optimal placement of UPFC to maximize power transfer capability. Real power sensitivity performance index have been used to find optimal location of UPFC on IEEE-5 and IEEE-14 bus system. Index Terms —Unified Power Flow Controller(UPFC), Flexible AC Transmission System(FACTS), sensitivity performance index PI, GUI(Graphical User Interface)