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Power Quality Improvement Of Wind Power By Mitigation Of Harmonics Using Statcom

Renewable energy sources are alternative energy source, can bring new challenges when it is connected to the power grid. Generated power from wind energy system is always fluctuating due to the fluctuations in the wind. According to the guidelines specified in IEC-61400 standard (International Electro-technical Commission) provides some norms and measurements. The performance of the wind turbine, power quality is determined. The power quality measurements are-the active power, reactive power, voltage sag, voltage swell, flicker, harmonics, and electrical behavior of switching operation and these are measured according to national/international guidelines. The paper clearly shows the existence of power quality problem due to installation of wind turbine with the grid. In this STATCOM is used with energy storage system (BESS) to reduce the power quality problems. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the impact of integration of wind generating system with the grid and the effectiveness of the STATCOM control scheme in minimizing the impact.FFT analysis carried out for the source current shows that the THD is considerably reduced and is clearly within limits imposed by standards with STATCOM connected at point of common coupling(PCC). The STATCOM control scheme for the grid connected wind energy generation system to improve the power quality is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK in power system block set. Index term— Power Quality, Wind Generating System (WGS), STATCOM, BESS