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Solar Power Converter With MPP Tracking Accuracy For Dc Microgrid Applications”

The DC microgrid applications include rural electrification, UPS support, Electronic lighting systems and Electrical vehicles. The overall system consists of a Photovoltaic panel (PV), High step up DC-DC converter with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and DC microgrid. The whole system is mainly optimised with both MPPT and converter separately. Here the incremental conductance technique is used for maximum power point tracking technique modified with D-Sweep (Duty ratio Sweep). D-sweep technique reduces the problem of multiple local maxima. Converter optimization includes a SEPIC converter for DC-DC conversion and a full bridge inverter for DC-AC conversion. Both converter optimization and MPPT optimization increases overall system efficiency. The maximum power conversion efficiency of the system is 95.85%. Keywords: Incremental Conductance (Inc Cond), D- sweep Technique, Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), Single ended primary inductance converter (SEPIC), photovoltaic (PV) system.