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Damping Of Subsynchronous Oscillations Using Facts Devices (TCSC, SSSC & UPFC): A Review

Series capacitive compensation of AC transmission system provides most economical way to increase power transfer capability of existing transmission lines, control of load sharing of parallel lines & enhance transient stability. When series compensated transmission system is connected to a steam Turbine-Generator Set, it may lead to Subsynchronous resonance (SSR) which may damage the machine shaft. Recent development of power electronics introduces the use of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controllers in power systems. FACTS controller are capable of controlling the network conditions in a very fast manner and this feature of FACTS can be exploited to improve the stability of a power system. FACTS controller are also gaining importance for controlling the SSR. This paper presents a review on effectiveness of FACTS controllers (TCSC, SSSC & UPFC) on damping of subsynchronous oscillations. For the analysis of subsynchronous resonance IEEE Benchmark Model is utilized alongwith the FACTS controller. Using MATLAB/SIMULINK, the simulation results have been shown that the considered FACTS controllers can reduce the subsynchronous oscillations in the series compensated transmission line. Keywords: - FACTS controller, TCSC, SSSC, UPFC, series compensated transmission line, Subsynchronous resonance (SSR), IEEE Second Benchmark Model, MATLAB/ SIMULINK